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The "news" and Southern Poverty Law Center pushing ANTI-SEMITE Story Down Our Throats Today: ANTI-SEMITE KILLS 3 CHRISTIANS AND ZERO JEWS


well, well, when I posted this yesterday I pointed out in BLUE highlights all the earmarks of a false flag story and said I bet the guy is an FBI INFORMANT...and then today I find two articles that say he was a FED INFORMANT:

Glenn Miller Claims He Was an FBI Informant

Reports: Idiot Jew-hater kills two Methodists and a Catholic in KC

And don't forget this article from a while ago how EVERY "terror" attack always traces back to FBI INFORMANTS:

The Informants: The FBI has built a massive network of spies to prevent another domestic attack. But are they busting terrorist plots—or leading them?

This looks more and more like a HOAX or FALSE FLAG. Did it really even happen?

And does anyone think this is "odd"? A "sniper" is caught 11 miles from where the anti-semite shooter killed 3 Christians and 0 Jews:

Kansas City police chief: Highway shooter suspect in custody



Everywhere I turn, I hear on the "news" about this ANTI-SEMITE who shot some people in Kansas at two Jewish Centers. He killed two CHRISTIANS, but that's another story.

How many people got killed today or in the last few days? Why is THIS story being shoved down our throats? Be wary of any story that mentions: SOUTHERN POVERTY LAW CENTER, ANTI-SEMITE, NEO-NAZI, SKINHEAD, HITLER, WHITE SUPREMACIST. And this story has ALL those buzzwords!

The Southern Poverty Law Center, or AIPAC-SOUTH, is all about fomenting anti-semitism and using sensationalizing stories like this to "suggest" new un-Constitutional laws curbing freedom of speech. The SPLC LOVES stories like this. And somehow these "anti-semite" stories get shoved down our throats like no others. There were LOTS of Americans killed in the last day or so, but the stories weren't syndicated 24x7 on all mainstream media, including THE RADIO NEWS BRIEFS.

Let's take a look at the story, I'll take the one from FOX "news":

White supremacist ID'd as gunman in deadly shootings at Jewish centers

I'll highlight the DIVISIVE BUZZWORDS IN RED, my comments in BLUE:

White supremacist ID'd as gunman in deadly shootings at Jewish centers

Published April 14, 2014FoxNews.comFacebook777 Twitter763 Gplus165

The man who allegedly killed three people when he opened fire outside a Jewish community center and nearby retirement community in a Kansas City suburb Sunday is reportedly a 73-year-old Missouri man with a history of racist and anti-Semitic activity, and authorities are investigating the shootings as a hate crime.

A Johnson County (Kan.) jail official told the Associated Press that authorities had identified the suspect in the shooting in Overland Park as Frazier Glenn Cross, aka Frazier Glenn Miller (oh, really? what nationality is CROSS, I wonder?).

The Kansas City Star reported that Miller was booked into the Johnson County jail on suspicion of premeditated first-degree murder Sunday evening, but had not been formally charged. Authorities say they expect to have more information available on possible charges Tuesday. The paper reported that public records showed that Cross is a resident of Aurora, Mo.(So he's not from Kansas, really?), a small town southwest of Springfield.

A dispatcher with the Lawrence County Sheriff's Department told the Star Sunday that local authorities were working with Johnson County authorities and the FBI. A woman who answered the phone at a number listed for Frazier Glenn Miller told the paper she did not know where he was and then started to cry.

The Southern Poverty Law Center (DING DING DING DING DING!!!!!) reported on its website that it spoke to Miller's wife, Marge, by phone Sunday and she said police told her that her husband had been arrested in Sunday's attacks.

According to the law center, Miller has been involved in the white supremacist movement for most of his life. He founded the Carolina Knights of the Ku Klux Klan and was its "grand dragon" in the 1980s before the center sued him for operating an illegal paramilitary organization and using intimidation tactics against blacks. He later founded another white supremacist group, the White Patriot Party.

Miller, an Army veteran (always a VETERAN to demonize up: he's a 911 TRUTHER!!! and he had PORN!!! like Osama Bin Laden.) and retired truck driver, was the subject of a nationwide manhunt in 1987 (So the NSA wasn't keeping tabs on a WHITE SUPREMACIST, NEO-NAZI, RACIST, KU KLUX KLAN, GUN-LOVING, HITLER-LOVING ANTI-SEMITE WITH A FAKE NAME WHO WAS THE TARGET OF A NATIONWIDE MANHUNT!!!!!! BEGIN-UPDATE: AND FBI INFORMANT!!! END-UPDATE U BUYIN' THAT???) after he violated the terms of his bond while appealing a North Carolina conviction for operating a paramilitary camp. The search ended after federal agents found Miller and three other men in an Ozark mobile home, which was filled with hand grenades, automatic weapons and thousands of rounds of ammunition. Miller tried running for the U.S. House in 2006 and the U.S. Senate in 2010.

At a news conference Monday, Overland Park police chief John Douglass said the shootings are being investigated as a hate crime. Earlier Sunday, Douglass said the suspect was not known to area law enforcement and there was no indication that he knew his victims.

"In the last 22 hours, we learned the acts this person committed were the result of beliefs that he had and that he was trying to hurt somebody based on their ethnicity, race, and religion," said Michael Kaste, an FBI Special Agent (DING DING DING DING DING!!!) in Charge.

The Justice Department plans to file federal hate crime charges against Miller (or is it Mr. CROSS???) , Fox News confirms. Attorney General Eric Holder ordered a Justice Department investigation Monday into the shootings.

Federal hate crimes are acts of violence committed on the basis of race, religion, ethnicity, nationality, gender, sexual orientation or disability. U.S. law enforcement agencies reported 5,796 hate crime incidents in 2012, according to the latest figure available from the FBI.

The family of two of the three people who died in the shooting released a statement Sunday identifying them as Dr. William Lewis Corporon and his 14-year-old grandson, Reat Griffin Underwood. They were both Christian (OK, so we're at 2 dead Christians, and 0 dead Jews so far), and the family thanked members of their church congregation, among other people, for their support.

"We take comfort knowing they are together in Heaven," the family said. It asked for privacy to mourn.

Rebecca Sturtevant, a spokeswoman for Overland Park Regional Medical Center, where Reat was taken and where he died, said family members said Corporon and the boy were at the Jewish Community Center of Greater Kansas City so that the high school freshman could try out for KC SuperStar, a singing competition for students.

On Monday, Douglass identified the third victim as Terri Lamanno, 53, of Kansas City. Douglass said Lamanno was a member of a Catholic (OK, now we're up to 3 DEAD CHRISTIANS, AND 0 DEAD JEWS) (church in Kansas City and was visiting her mother Sunday at Village Shalom retirement community -- as she usually did -- when she was fatally shot by the gunman.

Douglass said the suspect first opened fire in the parking lot behind the Jewish community center. Corporon died at the scene and his grandson later died at the hospital. The chief said the suspect then drove to Village Shalom, where he shot LaManno. The gunman also shot at two other people during the attacks, but missed them, Douglass said.

Douglass said a shotgun was used in the attacks, and that investigators are also trying to determine if a handgun and assault-style rifle (really? they're going to check this? or did they just throw this in their to get the words ASSAULT-STYLE RIFLE in the story?) may also have been used.Police officers were also sent to other Jewish facilities in the area immediately after the shootings, the police chief said.

"Immediately when we learned we had an active shooter we dispatched vehicles to secure and surveil all the active Jewish facilities (and check if anymore CHRISTIANS were shot like the THREE CHRISTIANS and ZERO JEWS) in the city and other religious institutions which are not Jewish," Douglass said.

The suspect was taken to the Johnson County Detention Center. Johnson County District Attorney Stephen Howe, who attended the news conference along with Barry Grissom, U.S. Attorney for Kansas, said it was too soon to know when the suspect would appear in court.

Corporon, who was a family doctor, leaves behind a wife of 49 years. His grandson, Reat, was an Eagle Scout who loved camping and hunting with his grandfather, father and brother, the family said.

President Barack Obama released a statement expressing his grief over the attack, and Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback vowed to bring those responsible to justice.

"My heart and prayers are with all those who were affected by today's events," Brownback said in a statement. "We will pursue justice aggressively for these victims and criminal charges against the perpetrator or perpetrators to the full extent of the law." (why don't you pursue banksters & warmongers & news liar propagandists instead?)

Jacob Schreiber, the CEO of the Jewish Community Center, said Monday that the "entire community stands united" and the “power of love and community prevails over violence.”


So IF this story is true as told by the "news" liars, how is it an ANTI-SEMITE hate crime? If anything, it's an ANTI-CHRISTIAN hate crime! And why are they bringing up religion in the first place? When there's murders, is it common practice for the news to always announce the peoples religions? If they want to stir up ANTI-SEMITISM it is!

WHEW! They hit ALL the buzzwords in that one, didn't they? Typical ANTI-SEMITE/SPCL news story.

And never forget, when you see ANY "news" in America, you're not even really sure if it ever happened. You have to take the word of KNOWN LIARS.

This story COULD'VE happened, maybe it DIDN'T, maybe he's a PATSY to foment anti-semitism. You never know. This guy could also work for the government/FBI, we've seen that all-to-often in cases like this where the government is trying to divide everyone. He could be an FBI informant or on the payroll of the FBI or even the SPLC or AIPAC. You never know.

It's funny that a guy who doesn't use his real name and is a known racist and was the target of a nationwide manhunt in 1987.......somehow is roaming around going to another state with guns in order to "shoot Jews".......but yet the NSA, who knows when everyone's TAKING A SHIT....somehow doesn't know about this guy and isn't keeping tabs on him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

One thing for sure, though, this story was targeted to be broadcast all over the mainstream 24x7 and others weren't. There were 45 people shot over the weekend in Chicago - YES, 45 - and the mainstream media is going APESHIT over this ONE suspicious, questionable story...which makes it seem MORE like a false flag.

IMO, the SPLC & AIPAC LOVE "anti-semite" stories. They want Jewish Americans to feel unwanted because maybe they'll move to Israel. The SPLC & AIPAC FOMENT anti-semitism. They LOVE it. And they also use these stories to push to pass un-Constitutional laws against freedom of speech. Expect that to follow on the heels of this story. The SPLC and AIPAC want Jewish Americans to think anti-semitism in American is RAMPANT...and it's not.

And why is this story being shoved down our throats? Because people with the same agenda as SPLC & AIPAC OWN the U.S. "news".

Jewish Americans ARE wanted here, just like everyone else, even MUSLIMS...although you wouldn't think that, either, if you listen to the "news". ZIONIST ISRAELI-FIRSTERS would like us to think otherwise.

Many American Jews hate Jewish Zionist Israeli-firsters, like Adam Kokesh (btw, Amy Goodman in the above video is ALSO Jewish American):

UPDATE II: Here we go! They're going FULL-TILT with ridiculous NEO-NAZI, WHITE SUPREMACIST, etc...bullshit stories:

Distinctively tattooed neo-Nazi identified as suspect in knife attack outside CA bar


Rachel Maddow makes sure to get "911" as well as "TERRORIST" in this one. Rachel believes ALL "official story"s, as well as the entire mainstream media, fake left, and fake right mainstream media. I have news for you Rachel: NONE of these "official story"s you reference here as truth are true...and I'm not a "rightwing terrorist"...I consider myself a liberal. Rachel believes the "official story" of 911, which tells me she's an idiot or a shill...and I KNOW she's not an idiot, therefore she's a SHILL:

Rachel Maddow: Why is the U.S. so reluctant to confront its own right-wing terrorists?



Fake anti-semite leaflets in the Ukraine to demonize pro-Russian freedom fighters as "anti-semites" and to recall "the holocaust", most likely dispersed by a group like SPCL or some other pro-Israel group to foment anti-semitism:

More Propaganda: Fake Leaflets Telling Jews to Register or be Deported


Nearly 100 recent homicides linked to users of Stormfront white supremacist site, SPLC says


Even the FBI dumped foreign agents SPLC, AIPAC, ADL as "sources":

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) quietly dumped the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) and Anti-Defamation League (ADL), two highly prominent purveyors of hatred toward traditional Christian values and white Americans, as “resources” regarding “hate crimes,” according to the FBI’s official website.

Ukrainian Jew Registration HOAX traced to: ADL!!!!!!

Veterans Today was Right – Ukraine Jewish Registration Flyer was Fake

Oh, YAWN...same old same old...CALLED IT! FEDS protect a (supposed) killer for years:

Frazier Glenn Miller’s ties to a 1987 triple slaying: Did the feds protect a killer?

And let me say this: I consider myself on the LEFT/LIBERAL side. I am for health care for all from birth to death, free education, stop all wars, safety nets such as welfare, unemployment, unions, etc... So I am NOT a "rightwing nut" writing this. I am also for gun rights,even though I consider myself more on the "left". And almost all of the gun control legislation proposed is by JEWISH CONGRESSMEN throughout history.

I just tell it like it is. I don't think: "WELL, I'M ON THE LEFT, SO I'M AGAINST GUNS AND I'M FOR SPLC, etc...blah blah blah. I'm for the TRUTH 24x7, and SPLC, AIPAC, ADL are AGENTS FOR A FOREIGN COUNTRY - ISRAEL - AND I AM NOT ISRAELI, I AM AMERICAN!!!!!!!!!


KC Highway Shooting Suspect"Mohammed" Arrested and Charged

By the way...HAVE A HAPPY EASTER!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, March 22, 2014

I Just Stopped WWIII: Have The U.S. Media Call The Russians "SETTLERS" For Stealing Land, Like They Do When Israel Steals Palestinians' Land !!!!!!!

BANKERS' MAINSTREAM MEDIA: Russians who steal land are "INVADERS" who need "SANCTIONS"; Israelis who steal land are "SETTLERS" who need "AID"

I have a genius idea to avoid WWIII !!! I will probably receive no credit for this, but that's OK.

You know how when Israel burns down Palestinian homes, bulldozes them down, kicks them out, and build Israeli homes the U.S. media calls them "SETTLERS"? Why don't we just call Russia "SETTLERS", too, for stealing Crimea from the Ukraine and move on without a war?


Here's some examples of headlines when Israel steals land from the Palestinians for the last half century:





See how easy it is?

All we have to do instead of IMPOSING SANCTIONS on Russia for "stealing Crimea", is to re-write the headlines to this like we do for Israel:






...and PRESTO! No WWIII!!!!!!!

Forget about the SANCTIONS! The Russians are just "SETTLERS" like the ISRAELI "SETTLERS" we're not imposing sanctions on.

SANCTIONS??? We should be giving AID to the Russians like we are giving to Israel!

Israeli Officials Confirm Progress on 2,269 More Settlement Homes

...and we can't go back and call the NAZI's "SETTLERS", because that's in the past...although we've done that with the palefaces being called "SETTLERS" for wiping out and stealing the American Indian's land. But these two things are happening RIGHT NOW: Israeli "settlers" and Russian "invaders". Let's either call BOTH of them "SETTLERS" or BOTH of them "INVADERS" and not be biased and pick-and-choose who we call settlers or invaders or insurgents or freedom fighters.

Visa and Mastercard engage in collective punishment of Russian customers

Obama’s Ukraine Fiasco Will Trigger US-EU Economic Ruin…

Neocons’ Ukraine-Syria-Iran Gambit


Monday, February 24, 2014

Now I Feel Vilified That I Immediately Said Sandy Hook Was A False Flag

First of all, I don't particularly like writing a post pointing out an obvious bullshit false flag story told by the mainstream media and the government (same thing btw). I think it's the mainstream media's job to do what I'm doing. Since they are totally corrupted and laughable, I must write this on my blog.

When they told us the "official story" of Sandy Hook, I immediately knew it was bullshit and wrote this post on December 15, 2014, which got thousands of hits:

Questions About The Newtown, Connecticut School Shooting, Gun Control, Operation Gladio, MK-ULTRA, & The Shock Doctrine

Now even more evidence has surfaced that the "official story" of Sandy Hook was bullshit and a very credible expert has stepped forward and stated this as well.

Wolfgang Halbig has the perfect combination of expertise to evaluate what happened at Sandy Hook Elementary School:

  • law enforcement: Florida State Trooper, US Customs Agent.
  • education: teacher, assistant principal, principal.
  • current school safety expert: trained key personnel at over 4,000 US school districts, and over 3,500 school safety officers.
  • His conclusion after ten months of motivated investigation:

“In my professional opinion, [Sandy Hook was] a scripted event… in planning for maybe two, two and a half years.” ~ Wolfgang Halbig

School Safety Expert Threatened for Questioning Sandy Hook

From the excellent Washington's Blog, which I have listed for YEARS on the top/right of my blog as being one of the 3 best news sites/blogs on the internet: Mr. Halbig’s response is demand for criminal arrests of “leaders” involved in Sandy Hook based on rational embrace of the public evidence he explains in the interview:
  • law enforcement parked 1/4 mile away upon arrival. Why didn’t they rush to a heart-wrenching emergency if it really occurred?
  • no trauma helicopters were ordered. This is unheard of for an actual emergency.
  • no paramedics were allowed in the school. This is unheard of.
  • officials refuse to say who declared all 26 people dead. By law, this must come from a doctor. This refusal of so much basic information indicates lies and cover-ups.
  • official narrative claims emergency personnel didn’t find the school secretary and nurse after 4 hours of searching.
  • this “event” included a traffic sign lit with the message, “everyone must sign in.” Officials refuse any comment on this element that would be present for a staged event/drill.
  • porta potties were on site; again with no comment by officials and consistent with holding a staged event.
  • no names were listed for the 26 children and chorus director at the 2013 Super Bowl event in honor of Sandy Hook. The children resemble the alleged shooting victims. It’s unimaginable to not list these names for such a huge deal.
  • no lawsuits filed by parents for negligence against school district. This is unheard of.
  • a shooter with Aspergers would have poor motor skills and muscle tone – how did he carry all the gear and shoot with such precision? This combination is impossible to imagine.
  • 2 homicide investigators threatened Mr. Halbig for making inquiries consistent with his professional duties to learn about this event for future school safety.
  • Newtown Public Schools won’t return any calls. Mr. Halbig says this non-cooperation to contribute information for other schools’ safety is unheard of.
  • the FBI classified the report on Sandy Hook. This has never been done before, and indicates a cover-up of all the evidence that this was a staged event.
  • radio transmissions are consistent in tone and content for a drill, not an actual emergency.
  • multiple weapons reported at a limited crime scene were never found. This is not credible.
  • law enforcement sent a kindergarten girl from the hall to stay at the crime scene of room 8 to be alone with dead bodies. This is a ridiculous claim that demands investigation and answers.
  • no parents viewed the bodies of their children. This is also unheard of.
  • no documents are being released via Freedom of Information Act requests. This is unheard of.
  • trauma services were never requested. This would never occur.
  • tearing down the school is consistent with destruction of evidence, given the HUGE gaps between official accounts and the evidence.
  • there’s zero evidence that a bio-hazard company was contacted to clean blood, bodily fluids, and officials refuse comment. This is impossible.
  • Mr. Halbig’s inquiries of who installed the school security system has been met with silence. This is unheard of to not get this information to improve other schools.

34 Questions On Sandy Hook Shooting That Have Never Been Answered

What did the "players" get for the hoax?

Sandy Hook: Free homes and “big bucks” incentives for leaders and players

It was astonishing to learn that very unusual real estate transactions had taken place on 25 December 2009, where the homes of 15 of the 20 Sandy Hook child victims, 1-2 of the 7 adult victims, and all 6 of the Sandy Hook adult non-victims (the Phelps, Gene Rosen, the three Selectmen) have the mysterious sale date of Christmas Day and $0 sale price. Although not gifted on that same date, even the home of Nancy Lanza, the purported mother of the alleged shooter, Adam Lanza, was bestowed upon her for $0 on 8 February 2011:

The strange purchase date and price of Sandy Hook homes

Contractors who demolished Sandy Hook were sworn to secrecy:

Sandy Hook school to be melted down, erasing any trace of killing spree scene

Confidentiality required for Sandy Hook school demolition crews

Sandy Hook Contractors Required To Sign Non-Disclosure Agreements

Top Ten Reasons: Sandy Hook Was an Elaborate Hoax

1. Proof of death has been suppressed
2. Emergency protocols were not followed
3. Drill protocols were followed instead
4. There was foreknowledge of the event
5. There were contradictory reports about the weapons
6. Adam Lanza cannot have done the shooting
7. Key participants displayed inappropriate behavior
8. Photos at scene and of victims look staged or fake
9. The crime scene was completely destroyed
10. Deceased children sang at the Super Bowl

Credentialed Expert: ‘Sandy Hook school shooting was a scripted event in planning for maybe 2-years’. The mystery is almost over as one investigator gets close to the truth. What really happened at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in December of 2012?

AFP PODCAST: Academic Vilified for Questioning Sandy Hook

AFP PODCAST: School Safety Expert Threatened for Questioning Sandy Hook

Sandy Hook Police had no Idea where School Was. Dash Cam shows going wrong way multiple times. Cars parked at Firehouse and on road at Beginning

Sandy Hook: GAME OVER! – NO Deaths NO Victims in Official Record

The 1% psychopaths run this country. They own the government and the mainstream media and especially disheartening is they own the judicial branch of the government, which means we don't have a democracy nor rule of law. Possibly worse than the 1% psychopaths running/ruining this country, are the people who stand idly by while it happens.

Why do they do false flags? Here's why: Terror Management Theory

How does Terror Management Theory (TMT) work?

According to TMT, human activity is driven by fear of death. People keep busy to avoid facing their own mortality. When reminded of death, they react in predictable ways – including giving up their rights and handing money and power to authoritarian leaders. So unscrupulous leaders, by highlighting certain kinds of threats, can terrorize people into submitting to corrupt authority.

When people are terrorized, they let their leaders get away with murder. So corrupt leaders have applied “Terror Management Theory” to controlling and exploiting populations.

US government terrorizing Americans?

Sandy Hook Hoax-Privacy Panel Slips in 5 Year Sentence for Release of Info

Here's how the mainstream media covers up false flags: they ridicule those asking legitimate questions by calling them "CONSPIRACY THEORISTS":

"In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act."

--George Orwell